Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I begin studies of classical dances at the age of 9 and performs in Buenos Aires the career of classical dance teacher, studying throughout his life different disciplines. At the age of 27 he began his studies of flamenco dancing, introducing himself to the Flemish culture as a whole, his great masters of flamenco Juan El Camas and Concha Vargas.
Currently living in New York and Florida


Presentations in United States
Tablao, Barrage, Sala One Nine, Esperanto, Socarrat, in Manhattan, Manchego, Café Argentino, Brooklyn, Sangaritas, Queens NY
In Miami, Florida. Atlanta, Georgia. Tablao Connecticut, Mompou New Jersey and Philadelphia.
Presentations in Uruguay, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria
At the tango Festival of Alicante, performing exhibitions at the Casino of Alicante and in the square Miró, Argentine Tango and flamenco dance. 2008.
In Frankfurt, Germany, he teaches workshops and exhibits Argentine Tango at the Café Bristro Wiesengrund. 2008 Salzburg (Austria) and Geneva (Switzerland) presentations of Argentinean Flamenco and Tango. 2008. Teatro Zitarroza (Montevideo, Uruguay) with the Esencia Gitana 2008
Presentations in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tablao Avila, El Perro Andaluz, Cantares,Tiempo de Gitanos, the Lola,Afiches, Tablao La Vicente López.En el galpon B, the Tablao, flamenco Puro, with Guadalupe Aramburu in Baile, Álvaro González in Cante, Nico de Cid on guitar and Papu Gigena on percussion.
El Perro Andaluz, open Tablao, with Hebe Zacco at Baile, Álvaro González in Cante and Moisés Oblitas on guitar, May 2015. The Old market spectacle: Essay on the Shadows, with Veronica Markovsky, Karen Clark and Agustina Garcia in dance; Álvaro González in Cante, Mati Jablonsky in sax and flute, and Rodrigo González Mendiondo in guitar and musical direction,
project directed and produced by Verónica Markovsky. 2015 together with Esencia Gitana in the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center, presenting the show "Genuine Ensemble". 2014
Within the framework of EFIBA 2014 in the Andalusian dog the spectacle  ̈ The First Step  ̈, with Guadalupe Aramburu in dance; Álvaro González in Cante, José Sierra in guitar, Rodrigo Soko in flute and palms and choruses of Clarisa Di Salvo. 2014. Anti shows in search of the Truth, 2013 with Cristián de la Teresa and Marilia Quevedo
It is presented with Flamenco Gibela in El Perro Andaluz, Domus Artis. (2013). In the space Carlos Gardel andEl Perro Andaluz, with “Solos in Company”, together with Marcos Dech (dance), Maxi serral (sing) and Hernán Diéguez (guitar). 2011. Haroldo Conti Cultural Center, in the cycle Friends of Friends, directing and starring in Cajitas. 2010
Cultural Center of the Cooperation, playing the leading role along with Dabel Zanabria, with the “Mala Sombra” work directed by Omar Pacheco. 2009
Teatro Avenida, along with Esencia Gitana, Argentina Cádiz, Emilio Romero, Lolo Cádiz, Juan Romero Cádiz, Boy Cádiz, among others in the show  ̈ Navidad Flamenca  ̈ (2004). He participates in the photographic Contrapunto exhibition, the tone photographer Pafundi. 2006 In the Teatro Gargantua, he directs and stars with Ramón Pipi Manzano, the show the Flamenco Guide 2004. Spanish embassy in CABA with Esencia Gitana. 2004 Casino Trillenium with the group Los Tarantos. 2001 2002
University of the mothers, homage to Federico García Lorca. 1999


Teaching and Coaching

Courses and seminars in the interior of Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Paraguay. In Buenos Aires, in his Flamenco academy and in Studio Flow 2015 2016 2017, Vicente López Buenos Aires Argentina
Workshops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria of Argentine Tango with Maestro Carlos Maturano, 2008 jury in competition, Asunción del Paraguay. 2009 2010 The Lady of the fan, of Federico García Lorca for the theatre group of Daniel Casablanca. 2003
Classic dance classes at ISA. 1990






July 6th of 2019, Professional Advanced Award in Dance. The school at Jacob's Pillow. July 6th of 2019, Official Certificate of Escuela de Flamenco de Andalucia/The School at Jacob's Pillow Flamenco & Spanish Dance Program 2019/ Irene Rodriguez Company.
Participation on the 108 hours advanced official course.

Flamenco Dance Studies
In Madrid, in Amor de Dios academy with Maria Magdalena
In Sevilla Concha Vargas, La Toná, Javier Cruz, Pilar Ortega, Úrsula López, Alicia Márquez, Antonio El Chupete, Ramón Martínez.
In Jerez with the Chiqui de Jerez. El Farruquito, Miguel Cañas, Belén Maya, Soledad Barrios, Isabel Bayón, Pilar Ortega, Eva La Yerbabuena, Antonio El Chupete, Carmen Mesa, Yolanda Heredia, Carmela Greco, Carmen Ledesma, Marcos Jiménez, Cristian de La Teresa. Among other teachers


Complementary Studies
Theater Workshop, theatre the other bank, with Omar Pacheco
Tango Argentino, with Maestro Carlos Maturano El Thrush, Tango Canyengue, Tango of the Forty and Milonga Shorebreak.
Superior Teacher of classical dances, ISA
American Tap Elementary Teacher, ISA

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